Pet Portraits Here!

 Curtis-Newman-Artist-Pet-Montage1Thanks for stopping by!  Contact me if you’re interested in pet portraits or a painting of anything you’d like on your wall or to give as a gift to someone special.

See my blog for more details, news and developments! Watch for painting progressions and new works.


Go to for deals on art supplies and products, including digital art deals I carefully selected. There’s a broad selection of items for beginners and advanced artists.

I enjoy painting in oils mostly and am not limited to any particular subject matter. My eye just gravitates toward interesting scenes, situations, patterns, colors that I either want to photograph or paint – usually both!

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I’ll be adding more pictures.

I am also available to handle other services as well:

• Graphic Design • Digital Illustrations • Logo Design • Photo Retouching, Restoration and Manipulation • Photography • Photoshop and Illustrator Instruction (basic to intermediate levels to help you get started).

I’ve studied many styles and media covering traditional and digital. It’s all an extension of my imagination and perspective. The final pieces are meaningful to me and hopefully resonate with others.

I love animals, so naturally you will see pet portraits showcased here. It means so much to me when I paint a commissioned portrait and see the glow of satisfaction on the customer’s face!

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All artwork © CurtisNewman